What is a Database?

A database is an organised collection of information similar to an index card system that can be searched, sorted and analysed efficiently with a database program.

A database program lets you add, delete and change data as well as create reports, lists, labels, etc.

Database Design

Ingynneus Concepts can design, implement and maintain a database to suit your organisation's needs.

  • Database on a single computer
  • Database with intranet connectivity
  • Database with internet connectivity

A Database using Microsoft Access or MySQL can be adapted for any specific requirement.

Database Maintenance

For a new database, update or maintain an existing one at competitive rates, email us for further information.

Please contact Ingynneus Concepts for further information or complete a request for a quote

Database or Spreadsheet?

A database:

  • allows for implementation of quality checks.
  • allows for easy integration of data from multiple sources.
  • is more effective in handling very large data sets.