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My Computer My Friend
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Melbourne Zoo
Interactive Presentation

Interactive CDs

Ingynneus Concepts can create an interactive CD to suit your organisation's needs from a simple brochure to an interactive tutorial.

Ingynneus Concepts will author, develop and produce high-impact extensive inter-active presentations custom tailored to your organisation's needs and budgets. We can deliver your interactive CD-ROM presentations with sound and music, video and slide presentations or eye-catching animation.

An Interactive CD may take the form of an:

  • Interactive presentation
  • Interactive slide show
  • Interactive tutorial
  • Educational training program

Please contact Ingynneus Concepts for further information.

Benefits of Interactive CD ROMs

Many businesses and organisations promote their marketing and communication strategies through the use of Interactive CD-ROM Multi-Media Presentations.

Annual reports, industry information, company prospectus, product demonstrations, new product introductions, catalogues, databases, training sessions and tutorials are commonly communicated in CD-ROM's Presentations.

CD-ROM Presentations can carry virtually unlimited information and are considered an efficient means to disseminate corporate and product information.