Ingynneus Concepts

Web Sites

  • Design of a new web site or redesign of an existing one.
  • Flexible site maintenance packages.

Graphic Design

Interactive CDs

  • Tutorials,
  • Presentations

Database Design

2D & 3D Animation

  • Animated text or graphics
  • 3D Logos

About Ingynneus Concepts

Ingynneus Concepts is a small yet innovative multimedia business.

We provide a personal service and cater to all multimedia requirements ensuring ontime delivery of projects.

Our low overheads enable us to keep prices at competive levels whilst maintaining professional ethics and standards to deliver a product that will sure to please.

Our Mission Statement

At Ingynneus Concepts, we are dedicated to provide multimedia solutions that are both innovative and competitive.

Ingynneus Concepts
PO Box 315 Sunbury Vic 3429 Australia
ABN 90 481 016 440

Ingynneus Concepts

Digital Imaging

  • Images digitally enhanced or manipulated
  • Images optimised for the Web
  • Photo restoration
  • Panoramas, 360°


  • Images available
    - digitally, on CD
    - mounted or
    - framed
  • Pictures taken and supplied on demand as required
  • Digital or 35mm film equipment